Dismantling of Steering Head

Remove the headlamp from the forks after undoing the two retaining bolts, and allow it to hang in a position where it cannot be damaged. If a headlamp cowl is fitted, it should be removed complete with the headlamp.

On later models of the type shown in Fig. C31A the lamp is not removed, but it is necessary to take off the lamp front by unscrewing pin F and to disconnect the speedometer cable and the leads to the switch.

Detach the handlebars complete with controls, and lay them on top of the petrol tank, using a piece of rag to protect the enamel. Remove the chromium plated top caps A and B (Fig. C31). Slacken the pinch bolt C and remove the adjusting sleeve D or E, Fig. C31A. Tap off the fork top yoke by striking it with a mallet underneath its two sides alternately.

The steering column can now be drawn downwards from the head, and the top ballrace removed. Note: If the bearings are dry a means of catching the steel balls should be arranged as they will fall as the column is drawn out.

The cups which remain in the head can be withdrawn by means of extractor No. 61-3060 for "C" Group, and 61-3063 for "A," "M" and "B" Groups. This is screwed firmly into the cup, then extractor and cup are driven out from the opposite end with the aid of a suitable bar.

If the cups and cones are pitted to even a slight degree, they must be replaced, otherwise steering will be adversely affected and will rapidly become worse.

Pitting is invariably due to "hammering" of the balls in their tracks, caused by slack adjustment.

Fig. C.31 The front fork and steering head.


Reassembly of Steering Head

When fitting new ballrace cups make sure that they are driven in squarely and that they are pressed well home. Replace the steering column balls, cone, adjusting sleeve and top-yoke. If any difficulty is experienced in retaining the ball? in position, smear the tracks heavily with grease.

Adjust the column so that it turns freely without play and tighten the pinch bolt C.

Finally replace headlamp and handlebar controls.