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BSA Illustrated Workshop Manual
500cc OHV 650cc OHV Twin Cylinder
Rigid and Plunger Rear Ends
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This manual was reconstructed from a photocopy BSA workshop manual using scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to transfer the text and images into a word processing program. The layout and chapter structure was then modified to suit modern documentation style before final proof reading was carried out.

The photocopy manual appears to be made up of a compilation of BSA service sheets and other contemporary resources.

A PDF version of this manual is freely available to subscribers to this WIKI.
If you wish to subscribe you will find details on the Subscribe page

Details of the hardware and software used in this process can be found on the Project Software page

UPDATE -  21 March 2023

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Joomla 3 is no longer receiving security updates, forcing me to migrate to Joomla 4.
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UPDATE -  11 April 2015

After  more than 6 years and 152,000 page views
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So I am pleased to announce that
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UPDATE - 7th Nov. 2012

Subscribers can now show-off their bikes on the Subscribers bikes page.
Doesn't matter if it's "concours" or "basket-case" show us your BSA Twin


UPDATE - 7th June 2009

An on-line version of each chapter is now freely available. Use the Chapter List to find the topic you need or browse using the next and previous chapter links provided at the top and bottom of each chapter page.
  • The WIKI will initially comprise a page for each chapter of the Manual.
  • the article page will contain an online version of the current published version of the chapter and notes about any planned or confirmed amendments to the next published version.
  • You can Contact us here