The B.S.A. Rear Suspension is entirely automatic, and no adjustment is required or provided for. The only maintenance necessary is lubrication by grease gun every thousand miles.




Fig. A36.

Removing the centre column with Service Tool 61-3222.First remove the rear wheel (see Service Sheet No. 212A), detach the silencers by removing the nuts A Fig. A35. and slacken the clip bolts to the exhaust pipes. Take off the nuts B, spring washers C and remove the pinch bolts D Remove plug E and in the space vacated, screw in the formed end of Service Tool 61-3222 (Fig. A36).

The centre column F (Fig. A35) can now be tapped out through the lower frame lug and Service Tool 61-3222 withdrawn.

Grip the top and bottom suspension shrouds G and press the bottom shroud up and out from the frame lugs. A kick is experienced as the suspension unit leaves the frame, and a firm grip on the shrouds is necessary to control the springs. When the bottom of the column is clear the whole unit can be removed from the frame, and placed on the bench for complete dismantling. The inner and outer shrouds, springs J, washers K (if fitted) and locating pieces L may be withdrawn, carefully noting their respective positions for subsequent reassembly.

The wheel spindle brackets M together with the bearing sleeves N to which they are attached, form the spring plunger, and can be separated from the sleeves when the pinch bolts O are withdrawn. Note that each pinch bolt engages in a notch in the bearing , sleeve, and also that the bottom bolts D similarly engage in notches in the centre column. Particular attention must be paid to the correct alignment of these notches on reassembly.




Fig A37. Using Service Tool 61-3222 for reassembling

Re assemble all units of the suspension column, except the centre column F in the same order in which they were dismantled. Pass Service Tool 61-3222 through the assembly and position the top and bottom slotted plates (Fig. A37). Pass the distance piece down the shaft of the tool on to the top plate, and screw up the nut. at the same time supporting the two plates so that they do not come out of position. The nut roust be screwed down until the column with the tool in position can be passed up through the top lug of the frame and the bottom of the tool dropped vertically into the bottom lug.

Now unscrew the nut until the top and bottom slotted plates are in contact with the frame lugs. Pass a tommy bar through the holes in the plates and with-draw them. As the plates come away the column will spring into position.

Withdraw Service Tool 61-3222 from the top to ensure alignment of the sus­pension unit with the frame lugs. Replace the centre column in the reverse order to that for dismantling. Refit and tighten the pinch bolts.

Replace the cap C and the silencers.